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7 Days Best of Kenya Tour

7 Days Kenyan Safari holiday Tour to Lake Nakuru , Samburu and Maasai mara National Parks

Day 1: Kenyan Safari departure for Samburu National Park
Early in the morning you will set off from Nairobi to Samburu National Reserve where you will arrive on time for lunch. The Samburu National Reserve is located in Kenya’s Northern Province. Its terrain is rocky and semi-desert. Enjoy a game drive in the afternoon and later Dine and Sleep at Samburu lodge

Day 2: Samburu National Park
Enjoy the entire day game driving in the arid park marveling at the wealth of wildlife and the backdrop of the Matthew’s Ranges. The calmly flowing river Uaso Nyiro which crosses through the park supports a verdant vegetation for the Grevy’s zebra, giraffes and the unusual gerenuk that reside in the park. This river is sustains the reserve plus its overwhelming crocodile population. Prominent about this park are its unique animal species which are only found in this park such as the gravy’s zebra, Beisa onyx, the long-necked gerenuk and the reticulated giraffe. Leopards often visit the park and in many evenings, make sounds as they feed on their catch across the river. Enjoy all the meals and slumber at either Samburu Lodge or a lodge.

Day 3: Transfer to the tree tops
Enjoy breakfast at your lodge before setting out for the tree hotel where you will have lunch. In the afternoon you will enjoy floodlit-game drive at the treetops lodge. Dine and sleep at treetops lodge.

Day 4: Lake Nakuru Tour
Following breakfast you will drive from the treetops lodge and head to Lake Nakuru where you will enjoy lunch. Part of the park has been damaged to build a black rhino sanctuary. Pleasure in sundowners that look out into the lake; have a game drive in the afternoon. Dine and slumber at Lake Nakuru lodge.

Day 5: Leke nakuru – Masai Mara
Have breakfast and then drive to Masai Mara where you will enjoy your lunch. Have a game drive in the afternoon. Dine and sleep at the lodge.

Day 6: Game Drive safaris
Spend the morning game driving and later return for lunch at the lodge.
Alternatively, relax by the pool in the afternoon prior to an additional game drive. It is in this area that the millions of wildebeest stay during the migration while in northern Serengeti, so will actually notice that the biggest section of the reserve is covered by animals.
Decide to enjoy a balloon safari. Dine and slumber in a lodge.

Day 7: End of Kenyan Safari
After a hefty breakfast drive back to capital where you will arrive in the afternoon, hence ending this safari.

End of the tour