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Hiking Safaris

Hiking safaris taken in Uganda are among the most unforgettable adventures in the whole world. Our Hiking packages vary from the long hiking adventures to the short hiking adventures on Mt. Rwenzori, Mt. Muhavura or Mt. Elgon. Mt Elgon stands as an extinct volcano which first erupted millions of years back. mount elgonIt is the 4th highest in mountain within East Africa projecting to 4321 meters to the Wagagai peak, coming after Mt. Rwenzori, Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Mt Elgon holds a shrunken caldera.

The unbeatable stunning non-volcanic snow capped Mt. Rwenzori is not the only destination for hikers within the country; there is the renowned Mt. Elgon found in Eastern Uganda and is the 4th highest in mountain within East Africa projecting to 4321 meters. Most of it is covered with afro montane with scattered huge groundsels plus bamboo forest. The Mountain provides a moderate climate plus a lower altitude the Rwenzori ranges. It is not very challenging to hike so doesn’t require any special hiking gear. In just three day, one can reach the peak although a longer visit will be more adventurous and rewarding.

Uganda as well as Tanzania provides first-class hiking holidays at various levels. Majority of the national parks provide guided walks focused around other activities like game viewing and chimpanzee tracking. There are actually some parks which offer hiking as an adventure tour itself. Inclusive of our tours are Mount Elgon, Mount Meru, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mountains of the Moon, which provide outstanding hiking safaris for both novices and experienced mountaineers.

Mgahinga’s Virunga Volcanoes present 3 peaks which are Mt. Muhayura at 4127m, Mt. Sabayinyo at 3669m and Mt. Gahinga at 3474m. they offer somewhat challenging hiking opportunities although they don’t necessitate any special mountaineering gears.
Mt. Rwenzori or Mountainss of the Moon is the highest mountain range in Africa at 5109 meters. Its 6 peaks offer top-notch hiking for mountain climbers plus experienced hikers. It has 3 snow covered peaks of over 5000 meters.

Mt. Elgon which borders Kenya is an excellent destination for people interested in mountain climbing but without experience. The 4321 meter mountain can be climbed in 3 days.
Tanzania presents to you excellent hiking through the eastern Arc Mountains and the internationally famed tracks of Mt. Kilimanjaro plus Mt. Meru. Furthermore, there are 3 day trails in Mt. Udzungwa worth giving a try.