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Burundi Tours

Burundi is one of Africa’s landlocked countries, and is neighbored by Tanzania in the east & south, Democratic Republic in the west and Rwanda in the South.

Burundi is generally hilly with altitudes between 2600 to 9000ft/ 790 to 2745 meters. The slender strip of land along River Ruzizi is the only stretch of land below an altitude of 3000ft. the weather along L. Tanganyika shores and Bujumbura is warm and moist with an average of 64 to 89°F or 21 to 23°C in temperature. Occasionally frost occurs in the night within the highlands.the dry seasons are from December to January and June to September, while the rains are experienced from February to May.

Most of the country’s boundaries are formed by its main rivers. River Kagera and River Akanuaru form a boundary between Burundi and the adjacent Rwanda along several parts of the common boundary. The Kagera plus Ruvuvu Rivers are additional attributes of the Nile in the South while the biggest section of the Douthern Burundi border is demarcated by River Malagarazi

There are only two big cities in Burundi; Bujumbura plus Gitega. It is majorly visited as by journeying tourists and less as a destination. Nevertheless there are some attractions that demand a short visit bird watching and chimpanzee watching.

Burundi Tours Packages

3 Days Kabira Tour
3 Days Lake Tanganyika & River Nile