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Murchison Falls Tour and Safaris


Murchison Falls Tour and Safaris

10:52 18 December in uganda

Game Drive;
Early in chilli morning prior to sunset, you will enjoy a game drive in the park and observe several animals along the Queen’s, Buligi and Albert track on the northern part of the Nile. While on the Nyamusika cliffs, you can enjoy picnics while watching the elephants and other game in the grassy hills. Be prepared for an exciting 4-hours drive all in the company of a skillful guide.

Sport fishing;
The Nile Perch plus the tiger fish offer an exciting confront to anglers. Sports fishing is best done in the areas on top and just below the waterfalls. You have to book early with the park since there are several people participating in this sport and the fishing has to also be regulated in the Areas. You are free to carry along your fishing equipment plus boats or alternatively hire them.

Launch trips on the Nile;
Among the highlights in the park is the boat tour from Paraa up to the foot of the Murchison Falls. The is a rich population of hippos plus crocodiles and you will certainly have the chance to see buffaloes, water-bucks and elephants and several bird species like the ducks, fish eagles, uncommon shoebill, herons, king fisher’s and bird eaters. The launch trip to the Falls and back to Paraa runs for close to three hours. The boat tour make two shifts one at 9:00am and the other at 2:00pm daily. Tours at special times can be organized by making prior arrangements with the management of the park.

Nature walks;
The Protected Murchison Falls area allows you a chance to explore the area on foot. Plants, animals and birds can all be observed at very close proximity. Rabongo Forest offers nature walks to the peak of the falls as well as Kaniyo pabidi found in Budongo Forest.

Top of the falls;
You will walk about the peak of the falls to the rim of the water. You will have the chance to climb to the peak of the falls after the boat leaves you at the landing site adjacent to the falls. You will pleasure in walking safaris, campsites and picnics, basing on your preference.

Kaniyo pabidi;
This is an un-spoilt region with natural forest in the Budongo Forest Reserve in which you can enjoy nature walks beneath the canopy of fully grown mahogany plus iron trees. The most prominent activity is chimpanzee tracking. You will also see various bird species like the Chocolate-backed kingfisher, puvel’s illadopsis and the White thigh hornbill which are only unique to this area through East Africa. Kaniyo pabidi is situated along Masindi-Paraa road just 8 kilometers from the kichumbanyobo gate. The campsite there has an adequate supply of fire wood plus water. Kaniyo pabidi is run by the National Forestry Authority.

Rabongo Forest;
The Rabongo forest eco-tourism center is located on an island in the humid riverine forest found in the southeastern protected area. The forest is neighbored by savanna grasslands and is just one-and-a-half hour drive beginning from Paraa. Guides will enable you to full explore the woodland on foot enabling you to see primates such as the black & white colobus, rare chimpanzees, red-tailed monkeys and baboons in addition to a diversity of birds, trees plus medicinal plants. You can either picnic or camp at the shores of river Wairingo. The area is also ideal for groups of students.
Furthermore, boat trips up to the delta of Lake Albert give you an opportunity to see the rare Shoe Bill.

Kigaju Forest Masindi;
Kigaju Forest is a finger-forest that is located within the catchment area in Budongo Forest and there is a stream that flows between it. The forest is a haven for various primates like the black & white colobus monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees and the red-tailed monkey plus a variety of butterfly plus bird species. The park is situated in the western part of Masindi town just 10 minutes from the town of Masindi and approximately 3 hours drive from the capital Kampala along the well maintained tarmac road.

This camp offers various activities among which are

Chimpanzee tracking; is among the most interesting activities at this camp. These chimps are more dramatic in the morning and in the late evening and are normally seen nested in the tree tops. You will also come across baboons, black & white colobus monkeys.

Nature and forest walks;
This is another interesting activity that enables visitors to enjoy the serenity of natural rainforest beneath the verdant canopy. The forest is comprised of a variety of plant such as mahogany trees and animal species plus birds like the renowned turaco and the wild green parrot also known as the Kasuku.
In Kigaju forest you can always enjoy camping especially those planning to spend more days in the forest. Campfires as well as barbeques can effortlessly be arranged for big groups of visitors.

Village walks as well as craft items for visitors particularly those that love traditional African souvenirs in their homes.
Nevertheless the forest has major dangers, be it threats but for utmost convenience, visitors are advised to have with them jungle boots and the suitable clothing. Embarking on a guided tour in this impressive forest is a significant contribution towards the conservation of the Kigaju forest.

Accessing Murchison Falls National park
Traveling by road from the capital Kampala via Masindi through the Kichumbanyobo gate, Paraa is four hours and a half hours drive about 300 Km, of which two hours are on tarmac and the other two and a half hours are on murrum roads. Best if you are using a four wheel drive-vehicle. The ferry at Paraa runs on schedule along the southern plus the northern banks of River Nile.

Traveling by air, there are charter services available to the various air courses at pakuba approximately 19 kilometers northwest of Paraa as well as Bugungu which is just 13 kilometers from paraa.

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